EAFK Program

EAFK (or EarlyAct FirstKnight®) is a comprehensive, daily SEL  program offered to elementary and middle schools through the sponsorship of participating local Rotary Clubs and their community partners.

EAFK is unique.  Based around the theme of gallant knights from history and literature, EAFK involves special, live-action components provided by The Knights of The Guild. These features include:

- campus visits by our staff knights in full period regalia;

- dramatic theatrical presentations at your school to enhance the learning experience;

- an exclusive online classroom curriculum with daily, ten-minute plans;

- exciting, school-wide knighting ceremonies to reward students for accomplishments;

- parent education;

- faculty training;

- excellent client support; and,

- up to 100% financial sponsorship for qualified schools by their Rotary sponsors.

EAFK is easy to use and effective. Combining excellent academics with professional theater and practical guidance from Rotarians in your community makes EAFK fascinating for young students, simple for teachers, and popular with parents. Watch the video below.

What is EAFK?